"The greatest mystery is not that we have been flung at random between the profusion of matter and of the stars, but that within that prison we can draw from ourselves images powerful enough to deny our nothingness." Andre Malraux

22 April, 2011


I've been listening to Rumer pretty constantly for the past month now. Probably should have blogged about her earlier, but hey, I'm lazy. She's got a lovely Dusty Springfield quality to her voice (or, as a friend put it, Dusty Springfield meets Karen Carpenter). She follows on the heels of this wonderful batch of English ladies now recording who sing as if the past few decades simply never happened (you know, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adele). One thing I love about Rumer is how she's more than willing to invite us to consider her a creature from another era by covering such songs as Goodbye Girl, Come Saturday Morning, & this gem:

But of course most of her music is new songs. Her entire self-titled debut album is really strong across the board, but this one is my fave:

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